Honda Civic Type R vs Cooper S vs Megane R230 vs Focus ST

Honda Civic Type R vs Cooper S vs Megane R230 vs Focus ST

Cheap nike football boots with sock with a hot hatch group test to blow away the postChristmas blues, it was an exciting start to 2007 for the Auto Express road test team. The arrival of the new Honda Civic Type R was big news in the fiercely competitive sector, so we brought together an unrivalled lineup of muscular frontwheeldrive machines to take on the newcomer.

Starting with seven contenders, in true Nike Magista Price thrilling. A sprinkling of the MX5 roadster’s magic wouldn’t have gone amiss.

While good value, the SEAT isn’t as polished as the Golf GTI, and although the VW is a brilliant allrounder, the Edition 30 was pricey in this company. That left the Clio. With its revhappy engine, edgy chassis and engaging handling, it has much in common with the Honda. However, it missed out on a place in our final four in favour of its big brother, the Mgane R230 F1 Team R26.

The hot Renault used to be something of a joke: fast in a straight line, cheap nike football boots with sock Nike Magista Price but hopeless around corners. Yet now, with a stronger chassis and a limitedslip differential controlling power to cheap nike football boots with sock the front wheels, it’s a far more convincing machine. Fun to drive, it flowed along rough roads nearly as well as the Ford Focus ST, although the ride was a bit lumpier. What makes the blue oval’s bighearted hot hatch so good is its tuneful fivecylinder turbocharged engine. Responsive and relaxing, it delivers plenty of pace and backs this up with a truly talented chassis that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. That’s not enough to trouble our top two, though. The MINI Cooper S isn’t only a fashion statement. Its superb turbo motor, unrivalled desirability, quality, poise and sense of fun make it a firm favourite.

But we now have a new hot hatch champ. In one of the most important verdicts of the year, the Honda Civic Type R was cheap nike football boots with sock a clear winner. The styling and cabin might not be to all tastes, but the Civic is attractively priced, well built and practical. And more importantly, it is sizzling to drive. The engine is a masterpiece, the gearbox a joy to use and the taut, positive chassis has been honed to perfection. Quite simply, everything works in harmony and that’s what makes the Type R so special cheap nike football boots with sock.