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Published: Friday 31 July, 2015

National the twilight series


Snapshot: Summit night-life(Still from New Moon movie trailer home)


The CW's latest and essential hit show, The creature of the night Diaries, Has certainly been a point of dialogue for fans of the Twilight series(Given its obvious rapport within the modern day on screen portrayal of vampires and love). Smith's recognized book series), Had already spoken about his intention to add Twilight into the dialogue of The Vampire Diaries by way of a clever pun about sparkling.


Becoming, It, New Moon results in improving come into play in the series.


In a discussion with Radar Online, Williamson says one of the characters Damon(Made by Lost star Ian Somerhalder), Seems like will be critical of the mythology in New Moon.


The full story is obtainable here.


Accordingly, What ya think? Do you like the idea of The Vampire Diaries giving the proverbial nod to the Twilight series by and recognizing it in the series, Or do you think that govt is antagonistic? Try to take into account, Somerhalder has also stated that the twilight series is at least in part to thank for the sure to be(And afterwards proven) Success of The creature of the night Diaries.


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Eventhough the achievements the vampire diaries is based on the twilight hype, It's one more story.


By the way: I love love the the twilight series Saga;)


OK to the haters who defend creature of the night Diaries, She is referring to the TV SERIES, Not ebook. Ought to read before posting.


From comments about the Pilot so far from those who actually HAVE read the VD book series me and my juicer they have changed a lot in the TV series from the book, (And yes that happened with the twilight series too) So it is unsurprising ppl are seeing HEAVY similarities between the Pilot of the TV series and the first movie, The twilight series in the the twilight series saga.


I not really know how smart it is by the producers to keep hinting towards the Twilight saga as K said before me, It will misrepresent ebook series it's based on then. Not fair to it series IMO.


But please STOP with the hating on these thinks(Atlest for the) That the TV series may be a BIT too much like Twilight. Differ sure but to call ppl blind etc is rude. I have not even heard of this series untill I read about the TV series. I didn't even KNOW deal a book series till then at all. Totally, I'll admit that my love for Twilight is F50 adizero TF  kind of a draw to the show in the hopes of capturing some of the passion and beauty that always come with a good Vampire story. My two money.


Make an impression on, Rudeness and then ads! Simply? What is the need?


Consequently, I will tune into the VD tonight to see what all the hype is, But I'll allow, I had never heard of the book series before they started advertisement the TV show this summer. This, I'll admit that my love for Twilight is kind of a draw to the show in the hopes of capturing some of the passion and beauty that always come with a good Vampire story. My two mere nickels.


I love the twilight series all the books, Motion picture, Deceive, Kristen et cetera, Seemed I wouldn't like TVD but I love it. You can't compare the two really but TVD is really well crafted, And the cast members are lovable. I went to the book store to buy the 1st TVD book wow not much to it. I didn' select it. $8.00 for this little tiny paperback book I guess I expected something similar to the lengh of Twilight. Then I looked for your"Sookie Stackhouse"(A fact Bood) Training. The majority of $9.00 for an even smaller book book! Very aggravating indeed!


I watched the pilot last week and think it is really good. I then got a post from RandomizeMe that said the first Vampire Diaries could be read online with free streaming so I did it. I was very surprised at how many characteristics Twilight had with Vampire Diaries especially since Stephanie swears she never read other Vampire books. It's a major part of culture right now and particularly teen culture!

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